EMS Protocols – Flowcharted (Linked to Downloads)

 01 General Reference Protocols

GR01 Acknowledgements TEMS

GR02 Philosophy of Protocols with Expectations

GR03 Performance Indicators

GR04 Legend of Symbols

GR05 Pre-Hospital Skills Schedule

GR06 Medications List

GR06a Drug Box Inventory

GR06b Drug Box Layout

GR06c IV Box Inventory

GR06d IV Box Layout

02 Adult Reference Protocols

AR01 Adult Reference

AR02 Adult Drip Charts for Dopamine and Epinephrine

AR03 Glascow Coma Score

AR04 Pain Rating Scale 0-10

AR05 Trauma Transport

AR06 START Triage

03 Adult Cardiac Protocols

AC01 Adult Emergency Cardiac Care

AC02 Adult Asystole & Pulseless

AC03 Adult Bradycardia

AC04 Adult Tachycardia Narrow Complex

AC05 Adult Tachycardia Wide Complex

AC06 Adult VFib & Pulseless VTech

AC07 Adult ROSC

AC08 Termination Resuscitation

04 Adult General Protocols

AG01 Airway Oxygenation Ventilation

AG02 Allergic Anaphylactic Reaction

AG03 Altered Mental Status

AG04 Behavioral Emergencies

AG05 Bites and Stings

AG06 Breathing Difficulty

AG07 Burns

AG08 Cerebral Vascular Accident

AG09 Chemical Exposure

AG10 Chest Pain AMI

AG11 Combative Patient

AG12 Dialysis Renal Failure

AG13 Diving Medical Disorders

AG14 Drowning

AG15 Electrical Lightning

AG16 Extraordinary Measures

AG17 Hyper-Hypoglycemia

AG18 Hyperthermia

AG19 Hypothermia

AG20 Nausea Vomiting

AG21 OB GYN Delivery

AG22 OB GYN Pregnancy Eclampsia

AG23 Pain Management Non-Cardiac

AG24 Rehabilitation

AG25 RSI Page 1

AG26 RSI Page 2

AG27 Seizures

AG28 Shock

AG29 Spinal Immobilization

AG30 Toxicological Emergencies Overdose

AG31 Trauma

AG32 Trauma Crush

AG33 Vascular Access

05 Pediatric Reference Protocols

PR01 Pediatric Quick Reference Chart

PR02 Pediatric APGAR Scale

PR03 Pediatric Burn Chart Reference

PR04 Pediatric Glascow Coma Score

PR05 Pain Rating Scale 0-10

PR06 Pediatric Trauma

PR07 Jumpstart

06 Pediatric Cardiac Protocols

PC01 Pediatric Emergency Cardiac Care

PC02 Pediatric Asystole

PC03 Pediatric Bradycardia

PC04 Pediatric Tachycardia Narrow Complex

PC05 Pediatric Tachycardia Wide Complex

PC06 Pediatric Breathing Difficulty

07 Pediatric General Protocols

PG01 Pediatric Airway Oxygenation Ventilation

PG02 Pediatric Allergic Reaction

PG03 Pediatric Altered Mental States

PG06 Pediatric Breathing Difficulty­­

PG07 Pediatric Burns

PG08 Pediatric Care of Newly Born

PG17 Pediatric Hyper-Hypoglycemia

PG20 Pediatric Nausea Vomiting

PG23 Pediatric Pain Management Non-Cardia

PG27 Pediatric Seizures

08 Appendices

Appendix A Related Policies

Appendix B Drug Policy

Appendix C Special Resource

Appendix D Patient Restraint

Appendix E Durable DNR

Appendix F Ambulance Restocking

Appendix G Ambulance Diversion

Appendix H Patient Destination

Appendix I Trauma Plan

Appendix J TEMS Medication Information

Appendix K Biological Agents

Appendix K Blister Agents

Appendix K CBRNE

Appendix K Choking Agents

Appendix K Nerve Agent Adult

Appendix K Nerve Agent Pediatric

Appendix K Nuclear

Appendix K Radiological

Appendix K Riot Control